An Obama Win and the Black Man


I can not even begin to imagine the joy that people who have lived through segregation here and apartheid in south Africa must be going through to see a black man attain the highest political office world.
My heart goes out to them and I salute the courage of everyone who has ever stood up to segregation, racism and apartheid. Most black people are celebrating Obama’s victory and everybody is talking about the change it will bring. But I keep asking myself, does this mean racism will stop? will I no longer experience overt or covert racism and stereotyping as a person of color? The answer is no.
Tomorrow, a white (or even a black) woman somewhere in the world will still cross the road when she is alone on a street and sees a black man walking towards her. Tomorrow someone is still going to be stopped and searched simply because of his color. Tomorrow someone will miss a great opportunity simply because of his color.So i ask what does Obama’s win mean for the blacks?
Having thought deeply, I think it means those who have never dared to dream can dare to dream. It means u can wake up today and say; “I can fulfill my destiny no matter what my circumstances are”.
To my thinking, this win means for the black person is Hope and a renewed commitment to your personal goals and vision. The change that we hope that this win will bring can only be achieved by us as individuals.
Do you have a vision or a purpose? if yes, begin to walk towards it with renewed strength knowing that circumstances cannot limit you. If no, now is the time to start dreamingwhatever your dreams are, keep on walking towards it. God helping you, you will get there.I salute President-elect Obama for daring to hope.
by Yemi Ayeni

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