Adire night of praise in honor of Tokunbo at 50

The ‘Adire’ themed 50th birthday reception in honor of Tokunbo Bamgbelu was a visual spectacle of colors and culture. “Adire” also known as “tie and dye” is a material designed with wax-resist methods that will produce patterned designs in a dazzling array of tints and hues and is known to have its origin in Nigeria.

Dr. and Mrs. Bamgbelu grand entrance

Family and friends of the celebrants attended the event in pretty ensembles made out of ‘Adire’. Event hall decorator, Royal event consulting, ensured that the feeling of culture permeated the venue, just as the listing of ‘amala’, ‘pounded yam’, and palm wine on the menu complimented the evening.

Tokunbo Bamgbelu with family and friends

The presence of a live band led by sonorous performer, Isaac Asikoh, literally electrified the dance hall, revealing several unique dance routings from a variety of guests. Tokunbo had earlier mentioned that the idea of the event was primarily to praise God for his faithfulness in her life and that of her family.


Tosan Aduayi writes and photographs from Mansfield, Texas – +1 8175382145

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