The Akoma family celebrates a miracle in Dallas

The auditorium at the Redeemed Christian Church of God, House on the Rock Grand Prairie Texas was packed with well-wishers who had arrived from distant locations including Saudi Arabia to celebrate with the Akoma family on the miraculous healing of their father, husband, uncle and mentor.

Akoma family
Akoma family

Meet Mr. Victor Chidi Akoma, the Texas based Nigerian who miraculously came out of a Coma that was expected to be terminal. On the then fateful day, Akoma had given his wife, Theresa, a ride to visit her sister in hospital who was on admission for a terminal ailment. While at the hospital, Chidi slipped into COMA.

The Akoma family
The Akoma family

He was immediately admitted and spent about six weeks in Intensive Care Unit – ICU on Life support where physicians advised his family to pull the plug. His faithful Wife refused and kept believing for a miracle.

With a combination of God’s mercy, prayer’s and support from their local church, Chidi Akoma came out of Coma and began to heal to the amazement of the Hospital staff. His recovery process would last at least six months during which time, prayers went on without ceasing. August 4 2019 was a celebration of life and thanksgiving.


by Tosan Aduayi for @trendyafricamagazine – +1 9033091172

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