Helen Akinrinwoye tops 100°F of fun at 40th party in Houston

It was one of the hottest days of the summer in Texas. Houston in particular was incredibly humid yet, family and friends still adorned gorgeous attires to celebrate the 40th birthday of Helen Akinrinwoye on July 28, 2017. The event doubled as a social media convention as several of her …


Carmen Ejogo stars in ‘The Purge: Anarchy’

Imagine if you could contain crime to just one night each year without facing any consequences, what would you do? Would you behead an adversary, rob a bank or simply kill for the fun of it? It’s the million-dollar question that makes “The Purge: Anarchy” a thought provoking intense thriller as the film’s premise …


Mercy Johnson and Daughter Return to Lagos

Mercy Johnson Okojie and her beautiful daughter Purity Osebhajimente Okojie are back to Nigeria. MJ as fondly called put to bed on the 30th of Dec, 2012 in the US and has stayed back up till yesterday when she and baby Purity flew back into the country. Fans of the very talented …