Ronke Thorpe Birthday Brunch

The unique birthday thanksgiving and brunch reception in honor of Mrs. Ronke Thorpe could simply be described as spectacular. In her unique fashion, the celebrant had requested that guest dress code be ‘Monochrome white on white’, probably a first in this clime. The Thorpe’s residence in Grand Prairie Texas was elegantly decorated as the choice venue. Guests arrived on schedule just as the thanksgiving service promptly commenced. 

Ronke Thorpe birthday
Ronke Thorpe birthday

It was prayers, hymns and praise worship during the thanksgiving session which climaxed with tributes by the celebrants children and husband. Mrs. Thorpe then responded by acknowledging her husband, children and guests. 

Ronke Thorpe birthday
Ronke Thorpe birthday

A four man live band performed to the admiration of guest during the smooth transition to brunch. To the surprise of guest who stayed long enough, lunch was also served while music and dance continued till late in the afternoon.

Photos by Tosan Aduayi for Trendy Africa Magazine – 9033091172

Decorations: @royaleventsconsulting

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