Great Ife Dallas 2021 Summer Picnic experience

It was a typical hot Texas day in July but not sizzling enough to deter family, members, and friends of Great Ife Alumni Dallas branch to fellowship with one another at its first official in-person post pandemic gathering since 2019. The Bob Jones Park in Southlake was picture perfect with its lush greens, large playground and a fishing lake that added to the serenity of the environment.

Alumnus Morenike Tejuoso attended and shares her experience; “I was truly blessed to attend the Great Ife picnic. My two young daughters enjoyed it a great deal. The warmth and hospitality over the years has always made the difference with the Great Ife Dallas association, as a unique and great group, and I pray it remains that way.

Great Ife Dallas picnic 2021

I must say, I had a divine connection on that day and met my childhood college longtime bosom friend and sister I haven’t seen in 29 years. That is Dr. Funmi Emeka (nee. Jeje). Through her, I got to talk to our close friend since 1996, Dr. Nike Adeyemo who led me to Christ via Professor Kehinde’s Love fellowship in 1986. Professor Adeyemo and Nike’s Mum were also my guardians at Ife.

Great Ife Dallas picnic 2021

My attendance at the picnic was a transformational experience for me. I laughed so much and was simply relaxed. The divine ‘connection’ just blew my mind even now I am still in awe.

Thanks to the leadership, supporters, and the organizers, notable among whom are my seniors; Mr. Adeolu Esho, Mr. Remi Jetawo, Mr. Tometi, Sis Moniyi (always keeps me in the loop), Mr. Tosan Aduayi, Sis Omowunmi, Aunt Yetty Olajide, Tope Olojede – Kingz Motors – who graciously loaned us his official truck, and Pastor. Pitan and others I cannot mention.

Great Ife Dallas picnic 2021
Great Ife Dallas picnic 2021

I Appreciate the entire Great Ife Dallas team for a great job well done. God bless your efforts and most especially recognizing and encouraging all new members, a gesture that will surely keep others coming.  

Great Ife Dallas picnic 2021

The Summer picnic featured games such – Rolling the tire, Catch the train, egg race, table tennis, mobile games truck, head wrap competition, and a variety of board games. Guests were treated to a live grill, fried yam (dundun) and peppered sauce, and an array of tropical and continental cuisine. The welfare committee also provided a deep freezer loaded with ice cream ad a variety of frozen treats for the children.

Great Ife Dallas picnic 2021

The immediate past executive received Distinguished Service Awards while graduating students received Academic Achievement certificates. All members also received a customized care pack courtesy of the Executive team and the welfare committee. First timers were not left out as they also received a welcome package. Winners of various games were presented prizes too.

Summer picnic

One thing for sure is that Ife alumni in Dallas would definitely feel at home and inspired to give back to our Great Ife college”.

Morenike Tejuoso, MBA Bsc. Building Tech/Eng (1987-1992) – EDM writes from Dallas Texas.


Acknowledgement from the President (Dr. Tunde Adeyemo)

Great Ife!!!!

Thanks to everyone for showing up BIG yesterday. The comradery was so refreshing, and the fun was through the roof. Too many people to thank and I don’t want to mistakenly miss someone if I go by all the names. Of course, thanks to the Executive team for quarterbacking.

Very special thanks and kudos also goes to the Welfare Committee, led by Simi Asekun, for all their demonstration of care to both old and first-time members.

I must, however, specially thank the 2021 Picnic Organizing Committee. This team was the engine and brains behind everything we all experienced. So, please help me give some rousing “Great Ife” special ‘GBOSAs’ to these super, articulate people:

 *Tosan Aduayi – Chair*

 *Bisi Ayeleso*

 *Clara Iyere*

 *Denike Jetawo*

 *Kunle Segun*

 *Lade Solarin*

 *Yetunde Oladeji*

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