Delectable wares of Delicate Shades Revealed by Vlisco

Vlisco, manufacturers of fabrics since 1846 has introduced its new ‘Delicate Shades’ collection, in which technique plays a more important role than ever before. The collection is made up of a fabric, fashion, bag & accessory line. The inspiration for the collection was drawn from the perfect imperfection that underlines Vlisco’s craftsmanship.

The unique printing technique was taken to the next level for the collection, turning inspiration into reality. The result is two different designs on one fabric created from a single pattern design. The colorful graphic designs produce a three-dimensional effect, resulting in a visual spectacle. The fashion and accessories collection was inspired by the optical illusion created by the distinctive front and back of the fabric.

The Luxury Editions are a combination of fabrics embellished with exclusive details and are a further translation of the Delicate Shades designs. Sophisticated embroidery, shimmering sequins and sparkling Swarovski crystals give the fabric a luxurious and feminine twist.

Fashion illustrator Sabine Pieper, whose handwriting matches the brand values of Vlisco, has reinterpreted the ‘Vlisco woman’ for this campaign. Combined with the fabrics, the campaign images are the ultimate interpretation of Delicate Shades.

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