Clarion Craft Spirit hosts whiskey and Tequila tasting event in Dallas

Premium spirit brands including Clase Azul, Don Julio, Komos, Corsair, and more were on full display at Novel Turtle Creek, Highland Park Village, Dallas during a tasting event hosted by Clarion Crafts Spirit inc.

Clarion Crafts Spirits
Premium Whiskey and Tequila Tasting
Clarion Crafts Spirits

The event which was hosted by Mr. Ayodeji John attracted the crème de la crème of Dallas who enjoyed great hors d’oeuvres while stimulating their taste buds with the bespoke spirits, and engaging in mutual conversations.

Mr. Ayodeji John (L)

The highlight spirits of the tasting event were the Tequila Komos Reposado Rosa and the CORSAIR Triple Smoke Whiskey, which stirred the interest of guests in attendance.

The convener called on guests to expect more vibrant spirits in the Winter and announced an upcoming event slated for Houston Texas sometimes in September, 2022.

Photo Credit: Shak Mag Studios

hors d’oeuvres: 5 Senses Cuisine

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