Pyxidia house publishers lauds ‘Achieving the Phenomenal in Africa’

The British Council, Liberia Road, Accra, Ghana recently played host to the much publicized book launch of ‘Achieving the Phenomenal in Africa’ by Princewill Osaro Omorogiuwa. In this erudite and immensely thought-provoking work, “Achieving The Phenomenal In Africa”, the Author, Princewill Osaro Omorogiuwa, assembles an invaluable distillation of substance that coheres into a revolutionary classic that would change the way you think, feel, and act about the unpredictable, harsh terrains of Africa.

Achieving the Phenomenal in Africa
Achieving the Phenomenal in Africa by Princewill Osaro Omorogiuwa

Through real-life experiences and engaging writing, Omorogiuwa posits that Africa, a harshly competitive environment, is brimming with untapped potential, ripe with critical problems and opportunities, best solved and seized by people who think elevated, can handle complexity, adapt quickly, and possess unique perspectives.

Princewill Osaro Omorogiuwa
Princewill Osaro Omorogiuwa

This eloquent work gets to the heart of the deepest aspirations of the human heart, to be financially free and successful; showing you how to guarantee your own success in any endeavour. This book brims with brilliant practices for making the success game not only achievable but phenomenally achievable in Africa.

Pyxidia House publishers, Winnie Aduayi
Pyxidia House publishers, Winnie Aduayi

In a brief remark at the event, Winnie Aduayi, editor and director of Dallas based Pyxidia house publishers applauded the author for a job well done with specific reference to the attention to telling his story in details which ultimately will motivate the lives of numerous readers. Aduayi has spent several years editing and publishing books in Africa and the United States. She further stated; “Achieving the Phenomenal in Africa has been one of my most intense works and turned out to be one of the best too”. The book is an insightful, wonderfully new take on high achievement from an elevated thinker. 

Pyxidia House publishers
Pyxidia House publishers

Achieving the Phenomenal in Africa now available on Amazon and other bookstores.

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