Adesuwa Uzamere, P.hd celebrates Fairy-tale 50th at the Kingsmill resort, Virginia

The three-day 50th birthday celebration in honor of Dr. Adesuwa Uzamere is on record as the ultimate in the realization of a fantasy. After one year of meticulous planning (never expect less from the celebrant though) numerous consultations, bank withdrawals and negotiations, family, friends and celebrities gathered at the exclusive Kingsmill Resort in Williamsburg, Virginia for the ultimate groovy get-away.




Day 1 featured a cocktail styled welcome party at the Pettus house, a mansion within the estate that has housed Presidents including Obama. It was a total takeover of the property as a record number of invitees arrived to participate. They were entertained by comedian Chief Obi, dual DJ’s, and a video presentation by the celebrant’s children.  Each guest departed the welcome party with a personalized gift party.


Day 2 commenced with a buffet styled grand breakfast which was closely followed by brunch (which I would refer to as lunch with reference to all that was provided) at allocation that had a great therapeutic view of the James River. Guests then gathered for the ‘Great Outdoors’ which featured games like ‘tug-of-war’, hula hoop, jigsaw puzzles, water bomb, and a host of fun activities. It was a sight to behold observing middle-aged folks having so much fun and all clad with color coded t-shirts.


Later that evening, the black tie grand reception commenced with guests arriving the James River Grand Ballroom to sweet tunes by saxophonist PeeWee Walters. The celebrant, Adesuwa Uzamere together with her children then made a spectacular entrance by arriving the venue in a helicopter to the rousing cheers from guests who had gathered on the foyer of the ballroom. Immaculately dressing in an Adebayo Jones ensemble, she danced into the venue to herald a very memorable event. Legendary performing artist Mike Okri serenaded the celebrant and entertained guests. The three course dinner featured a choice of Fish, Chicken or Steak garnished with exotic condiments. One of the great surprises of the evening was the rendition of tunes delivered by celebrity fashion designer Adebayo Jones just as Canada Based entertainer Ebony Ghadafi reeled out a custom song.


The cake cutting session was fueled with an explosion of confetti which literally rained down on Dr. Adesuwa as she beamed with smiles. Clad in the second couture for the night, the celebrant took time to personally thank guests for joining her in the celebrations as she visited each table. Legendary an American actor and comedian James Carter Walker, Jr., known professionally as Jimmie Walker (JJ walker) was co-mc of the event and celebrity guest.  A series of tributes and dance sessions rendered by a live band sent the event into climax while the celebrant took to the dance floor in a third gorgeous glamor gown.

Day 3 featured a breakfast gathering of guests who relieved the experiences of the weekend while savoring freshly cooked  breakfast and nibbling on some canapés. Dr. Adesuwa Uzamere’s Birthday weekend was the ultimate in multi-school and family reunions.

By Tosan Aduayi in Williamsburg, Virginia for Trendy Africa Magazne (


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